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Modular Systems :: Paradox Strategy :: Freedom of Steps :: Premonition

Solve your services business problems with some useful concepts of Dr. Nahin Mamun. Achieve real impacts with his novel pathways that offer something more than the sum of components.

Win with your newly found synergy.


You can make real impacts with Dr. Mamun through collaboration with North South University, where he is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing and International Business, School of Business and Economics.


You can make real impacts with Dr. Mamun through collaboration with Bangladesh Society for Private University Academics (BSPUA), where he is the General Secretary.

Python Partners

You can make real impacts with Dr. Mamun through Python Partners, which is his firm specialized in sales and sports analytics software development and marketing consultancy services. 

Freedom of Steps

The core theme of 2024 is to bring freedom and to progress to the next stage. From chained legs to the first step, your journey has to be all about moving forward.

Do you want to give your business a modular structure?

Do you want a strategy that works in complex situations?

Do you want to achieve freedom from your chains?

Do you want to make better predictions?

Useful Concepts

Excel in your services business through the advisory and consultancy services of Dr. Nahin Mamun. You can achieve more by gaining synergy. The solutions offer new working philosophies, and they are built on powerful technologies.

01 Paradox Strategy

What were the pros and cons of your next strategy? Think of the paradox strategy as if you are looking at everything as roses with thorns. Strategize calculated costs to win something more.

02 Modular Systems

How can you manage, improve, and innovate at your firm? Convert chaotic businesses to organizations of systematic modular processes that work with memos and information systems.

03 Premonition

Why did you avoid something and do something? Manage your intuition, sixth sense, gut feelings, and data centric decisions to get more accurate reflection of the future in the mirror.

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